Retail & Shopping Centre Management

Clearpoint manages a range of sub 10,000sqm shopping centres and retail strip shops.

This tier of the retail property market is traditionally managed by local agents with no retail specialisation.  Clearpoint has the knowledge and experience with retail shop rents, shop sales, shopping centre and strip shops both in Sydney and the Central Coast. 

Compliance with the ever changing Retail Leases Act, audit requirements, Centre marketing and promotion funds, and notices under the Act requires constant attention and a degree of specialisation.

Even a simple matter of missing a required notice to a retail tenant can have major consequences. In some cases you cannot obtain vacant possession, or even advertise the space for lease, for as much as six months.

Clearpoint offers a focussed retail property management service for Sydney and Central Coast landlords and institutions, with one point of contact for all properties within your Portfolio, one set of accounts, and one manager with a deep understanding of your overall property goals.

Selecting Clearpoint to manage your property Portfolio means more time, great results and clear value.

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